Okay, so lemme get this clear alright no matter how hard you study, you still are gonna fail... There is no maybe.. Get it.
I know I'm supposed to be positive and all but I can't. When you study so hard, and expect good marks but all you get is along the  pass line... Like what the eff... Come man. I had my hopes high and then someone caught my tail and just whiplashed me to the the underground.
And now when I try to study I think that even though I study so much I know the outcome, I know I'm gonna get border line marks so why study.

If only I could live with that decision, you know. Something at the back of my mind knows its wrong and I myself force myself to think that I can't let some stupid shit education system blow of my ego like that. No, I won't let it beat me.

And so you should know, Life is always gonna be a pain in the butt, always, there is no running away from it... But what we can do is learn from everything life hits us with... And this I learnt from machines you know.. Those machines that go to war against humans so they learn From their every encounter with humans. Yeah! Exactly like that.

So a few tips when life gets difficult do this
1) look at the all the things you have that you don't have.
2) think of all the people that love you.
3) remind yourself why you are doing this
4) know that you can change your own life
5) you can get out of any problems.. Any!
6) trick your brain and convince it to overcome the difficulties
7) Have food or whatever that you love.
8) and be nice to other people, choose to be nice cause you might not believe in God but there is karma.. What you put into the world is what you get back.

All the best now... Go conquer what the dipshit we call LIFE.

-Braven S B.

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