Ever heard someone say you can't leave alone all your life... Well sadly, it's true. But we don't need anybody else to live our life but ourselves.

We as humans cling to other humans for love, affection, comfort etc... What we forget is the person who your are seeking it from will not be there tomorrow not matter how much you try. What is sure is you. If you survive today, YOU will see tomorrow because you will be aware of your feelings, you will be aware of your mood, your emotions. So yeah! You are the one in control of your life. You My friend can do whatever you want... Anything and everything you want. You can change today into the best day ever and you alone can make it happen. Only you.

For example ; lets say someone says your less athletic and lets say you are... What are you gonna do next... Maybe get offended and punch the person right back or get up everyday an hour early than usual and get some exercise done... Or not get offended and live your life without care. Now you see how You took a step that changed a part in your life. Forget whats wrong and right here for now and concentrate how we and our decision can impact our lives.

Take some time to sink it in... And sometimes if you feel you lost control of your life, take a breath in, take your hand and touch your nose... Infact do it now. Done? Cool! See you did it... You told your mind you brain to make your hand touch your nose and you did it. That's how easy it is... Life will knock you down a 100 times my friend but what counts is that you get up everytime... Because you can.

So I urge to you, reader of this blog, whatever it is... Do it.. Please get up and run for it... Cause at the end when you actually do it, you feel great.. You fee that you got control of your life. It starts with a small step no matter how small, start just do it and things will unravel its self.

-Braven S B.
(A random guy with a lotta free time) 

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